Podcast Episodes By Category & Title

Sorted by category, below are all “About Greyhounds” podcasts episodes published to date.

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Adopting a Greyhound (Plus the GFNJ Process) (Episode 1)

Let’s Hear it for the Boy! A Conversation with UK Pop Chart Topper, Allan Jay (Episode 2)

Now What? Bringing Your New Greyhound Home (Part 1) (Episode 17)

Now What? Bringing Your New Greyhound Home (Part 2) (Episode 18)

My Adoption Experience and First Month with My New Greyhound (Episode 19)

National Black Dog Day (Episode 25)

Greyhounds in the City (Episode 26)



Caring for Your Aging Greyhound (Episode 6)

Toxins and Injuries and Dangers, Oh My! First Aid for Your Greyhound (Episode 11)

Hooked on Hookworms (Episode 24)

Your Greyhound’s Chompers (Episode 30)

Exploring Health Insurance for Your Greyhound (Episode 34)

‘Sup with Corns & Greyhounds? (Episode 40)



Unexpected Approaches to “Curing” Separation Anxiety within Days (Episode 8)

BOOM! Fireworks, Thunderstorms, and Calming a Frightened Greyhound (Episode 13)

The Potty Episode––House Training Your Greyhound (Episode 36)

Here Kitty, Kitty––Greyhounds Living in Harmony with Cats (Episode 41)



When You Can’t Take the Heat (And Greyhounds Can’t): Summer Safety (Episode 12)

It’s a Disaster! Protecting Your Greyhound Before, During, and After an Emergency (Episode 23)

9 Ways to Avoid Greyhound Halloween Boobytraps (Episode 29)

‘Tis the Season! 10 Holiday Tips to Keep Your Greyhound Safe (Episode 32)

10 Winter Safety Tips for Your Greyhound (Episode 37)



A Behind the Scenes Tour of The Greyhound Fostering Experience (Episode 4)

Inside GFNJ’s Prison Foster Program (Episode 7)



Your Greyhound’s Staycation When You Travel (Episode 16)

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles–Traveling with Your Greyhound (Episode 20)



An Officer and His Greyhounds: George Armstrong Custer (Episode 3)

Martis Jerk and Lady Greyhound (Episode 5)

A Goddess, A Royal Greyhound, and Immortality (Episode 9)

All the Presidents’ Greyhounds (Episode 14)

The Surprising Backstories About Greyhound Constellations (Plus, the Origins of the Dog Days of Summer) (Episode 15)



The Adventures of Logan the Greyhound––Author Suzanne E. Burke (Episode 31)

11 Pawesome Holiday Gifts for your Greyhound (Episode 33)

13 Ways to Give Back to Greyhounds––10 Are Free! (Episode 35)

10 New Year Resolutions to Keep for Your Greyhound (Episode 38)

Art, Courtesy of Your Greyhound –– A Conversation with American Artist Nicole Peters (Episode 39)



Thousands of Greyhounds, One Day, One Big Global Walk (Episode 10)

Greyhounds Reach the Beach® (Episode 21)

5K for Greys–An International, Virtual Event Benefiting Greyhounds (Episode 22)



Greysitting 101, Part 1 (Episode 27)

Greysitting 101, Part 2 (Episode 28)