Episode 38: 10 New Year Resolutions to Keep for Your Greyhound

Do something new for your greyhound.

As you enter the new year, resolve to do something new for your greyhound. In this episode, we share 10 resolutions. Pick one, some, or all to show your greyhound just how much he or she is loved.



  • Donate to Greyhound Friends of New Jersey to help more greyhounds find homes.
  • Check out GPS tracking devices for your greyhound, including products from Tractive and Whistle.
  • If you live in Greyhound Friends of New Jersey’s area, check out our events calendar to discover opportunities to mingle with greyhounds and their people.
  • Consider fostering a greyhound. Find out what it’s all about when you listen to our fostering episode.
  • Explore pet health insurance in this episode; what it is, how it works, and why you may want to consider it for your greyhound.
  • There are many companies that offer pet health insurance. Be sure to carefully compare all options available to you.  You may wish to consider:Healthy Paws Pet Insurance: When you insure your greyhound or other dog or cat through Healthy Paws, they’ll donate $35 to help Greyhound Friends of New Jersey get more greyhounds home. Purchase via our dedicated link so the the donation may be credited.ASPCA Pet Insurance: This company has made generous donations to help Greyhound Friends of New Jersey. Explore their pet health insurance.
  • Get a box of treats and toys for your greyhound when you subscribe to BarkBox. When you shop through this link and are a new customer, they’ll donate $25 to Greyhound Friends of New Jersey.
  • Keep your greyhound’s teeth healthy. Find out how in our Chompers episode.
  • Get walking with the FREE Walk for a Dog app from Wooftrax while also supporting greyhounds when you select Greyhound Friends of New Jersey as your chosen charity.

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