Episode 24: Hooked on Hookworms!

You can’t see them, but they can harm your greyhound.

OK, so not the best episode title. Hookworms, while they can’t be seen with the naked eye, are gross. Over time, they can also cause serious health issues when left untreated. In this episode, we sit down with Patty Comerford to find out what they are, why newly retired racing greyhounds may be infected, and how to have them diagnosed, treated, and (hopefully) avoided in the future.



An important note: Jacqueline Howard and Patty Comerford are not medical professionals and have not and are not providing medical advice specific to your dog. The content provided in this episode of About Greyhounds is intended as informational only. Seek the guidance of a trained and experienced veterinarian if your dog becomes ill or injured and before administering any drugs/medications, including over the counter drugs/medications.

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