Episode 81: When’s a Greyhound Not a Greyhound? When He’s a Galgo!

If it looks like a greyhound … it may not be a greyhound.

Trigger Warning: This episode is about a topic that may be a trigger for some and includes discussions about animal abuse. While the host and guests have not detailed abuse, listeners are asked to listen at their discretion.

You may have heard the news … there’s a “shortage” of greyhounds in the States. While that statement isn’t exactly true, there are fewer racing greyhounds available for adoption in the U.S. than there have been in past years. Some greyhound rescue groups have been looking to fill the void by looking across the Atlantic toward Spain. Other rescue groups have been working with Spanish partners for years. Why? Because Spain has an astronomical amount of galgos, also known as “Spanish greyhounds,” that are in desperate need of homes.

Most galgos may look like greyhounds to the untrained eye. But make no mistake, they are quite different from greyhounds.

In this episode, meet Founder Telma Shaw of Galgo Padenco Support based in California. Telma and one of her galgo transporters, Ellen Ganopoulos, sat down with us to answer the question: “What’s the difference between a galgo and a greyhound?” and to talk to us about the plight of galgos in Spain, what’s being done to help them, and The Male Galgo Project.



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