Episode 30: Your Greyhound’s Chompers

Dental health is related to overall health.

Two centuries ago, death certificates for people often listed “teeth” as the cause of demise. This doesn’t mean the people were chewed to death; it means their mouths were infected. Untreated, infection would travel to a person’s organs, which eventually led to death.  Two hundred years ago, people didn’t have modern dentistry or oral care.

In today’s world, we have modern dentistry and at-home oral care for people and our animal companions. Just like people, the health of greyhounds’ teeth and gums have a direct relationship with his or her overall health.

In this episode, discover the simple actions you can take to help keep your greyhound’s teeth and gums healthy.



  • Watch this video to see how to properly brush your dog’s teeth.
  • Get and keep the free greyhound blood and result card and keep it handy. Do this even if your veterinarian is grey-hound savvy––you never know when you may need to take you greyhound to see an emergency vet. This card is also on the free Greyhound Friends of New Jersey app for iPhone and Android.
  • Listen to the About Greyhounds podcast fostering episode.
  • Donate to help Greyhound Friends of New Jersey Help More Greyhounds to find loving homes.
  • Order BarkBox for your dog and they’ll donate $25 to Greyhound Friends of New Jersey when you use this special link.

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An important note: Jacqueline Howard and Albert Cavallo are not medical professionals and have not and are not providing medical advice specific to your dog. The content provided in this episode of About Greyhounds is intended as informational only. Seek the guidance of a trained and experienced veterinarian if your dog becomes ill or injured and before administering any drugs/medications, including over the counter drugs/medications.

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