Episode 2: Let’s Hear It for the Boy! A Conversation with UK Chart Topper, Allan Jay.

Male greyhounds are generally big, mooshie boys who adore their people. But they are often overlooked. Discover why “the boys” make “greyt” companions.

The celebration of Adopt a Greyhound Month continues with our special guest, Allan Jay. Allan is a chart-topping recording artist in the UK. He won Best Male Artist 2015 and the LBGTQ Music Award 2016.

Last month, Allan released a charity single for the Retired Greyhound Trust in the UK. It’s part of a campaign that was created to build awareness about male greyhounds … the boys. In the UK, 80% of greyhounds waiting for adoption are male as most adopters want females. In the US, we find many adopters have a stronger preference for females, too.

Why? There are many misconceptions about male greyhounds. The Let’s Hear it for the Boys campaign dispels the myths about males in a very fun and educational way.

In this episode, Allan walks us through the “boy issue” and the campaign.