Episode 10: Thousands of Greyhounds, One Day, One Big Global Walk

On June 11, 2017 greyhounds and their people unite for a global greyhound walk.

On Sunday June 11, 2017, greyhounds and the people who love them unite to walk and raise awareness for the breed, showing the public just how special these dogs are. It’s the Great Global Greyhound Walk and it’s literally happening all over the world.

In this episode, we speak with Denise Shirk of Greyhound Angels Adoption. Denise is coordinating and leading a walk in her area. Just outside of Philadelphia, walkers and their greyhounds will meet at historic Valley Forge National Park before beginning their walk.

This free event promises to be a fun experience for people and their greyhounds. In it’s 7th year, listen to this episode to discover more about the Great Global Greyhound Walk and how Denise worked with the event’s overall leadership in Great Britain to start the Greyhound Angels Adoption walk in Pennsylvania.



  • Great Global Greyhound Walk website where you can explore more about the global event and see if there is a local Great Global Greyhound Walk in your area.
  • Details, including the address and meeting place at Valley Forge National Park  for Greyhound Angels Adoption’s June 11 walk (outside of Philadelphia). The walk starts at 10a; be at the Visitor’s Center by 9:30a.
  • Find a Global Greyhound Walk in your country and in or near your city.
  • Help greyhounds find homes when you click on Greyhound Friends of New Jersey’s donate button.
  • Support the work of Greyhound Friends of New Jersey when you’re a new customer and order a BarkBox subscription for your dog––they’ll donate $25 to help our dogs! Use our special link: BarkBox.com/GreyhoundNJ
  • Learn more about Greyhound Angels Adoption and all they do to champion and home greyhounds.
  • Visit the About Greyhounds podcast  website.

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