Episode 66: Something to Chew On–Addressing Destructive Chewing

Discover ways to nip destructive chewing in the bud.

Chewing is a natural dog behavior. But when it becomes destructive, it does more than ruin your things––it’s also a danger to your greyhound. In this episode, find out more about this behavior, why some greyhounds do it, and how to redirect it.



  • Check out Kong, one of the most popular chew toys for greyhounds. Add in some peanut butter and freeze the Kong to create an irresistible treat for your hound. Typically, the extra large size works best for greyhounds. If your greyhound is very small (50 pounds or under), the large size may be better.
  • The Flexi (NOT the hard) Nylabone is an ideal chew toy for greyhounds. Be sure to get one that’s large in size as smaller Flexi Nylabones are a choking hazard for greyhounds.
  • Looking for a great stuffy for your greyhound? Check out the American Classic Large Rabbit (or other large American Classic toy designs).
  • Your greyhound may also love the stuffingless stuffies from Outward Hound. Many greyhounds love the Invincible Snake.
  • Basket muzzles are made specifically for greyhounds and similarly built dogs. Here’s where Jacqueline buys hers; in the very least, check out basket muzzles here so you know what they look like. Most greyhound adoption organizations will provide you with a basket muzzle when you adopt, but it’s always good to have an extra one handy.

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