Episode 80: One Rescuer’s Experience Saving Greyhounds in China

Flying greyhounds to safety in the UK and USA.

Trigger Warning: This episode is about a topic that may be a trigger for some and includes discussions about animal abuse. While the host and guest have not detailed abuse, listeners are asked to listen at their discretion.

There’s no easy way to say it:  a small population in China eats dogs, including greyhounds. With underground racing popular among some Chinese, the meat trade in the country is bursting with greyhounds. It’s a horrific situation. But there are brave, compassionate people in China, the UK, and the USA working together to save greyhounds and other dogs trapped in horrific circumstances.

In this episode, we sit down with the founder of Elite Greyhounds South Florida, Sonia Healy Stratemann, to talk about her recent trip to China where she worked with Kerry Lawrence, founder of Candy Cane Rescue in the United Kingdom, and other rescuers to save as many greyhounds and other dogs as possible.



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Jacqueline’s Candy Cane Rescue greyhound, Felix

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