Episode 40: ‘Sup with Corns & Greyhounds

The bane of many greyhounds: Corns.

Corns are only found in sighthounds, including greyhounds. Not every greyhound gets them, but when they do, they’re extremely painful. And treating them can be hit or miss. In this episode, we sit down with Patty Comerford to get the skinny on theories as to what corns are, how to detect them, and a myriad of treatments that may put the bounce back in your greyhound’s step.



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Important note: Patty Comerford and Jacqueline Howard are not medical professionals. Please seek medical advice and guidance specific to your greyhound from a licensed veterinarian. The information provided in this episode of the About Greyhounds podcast is strictly that: provided for informational purposes only.

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