Episode 65: Greyhound Proofing Your Home

Safety measures to take in your home.

Just like human babies who suddenly become mobile, protecting greyhounds from themselves in the home is important for your dog’s health and safety. In this episode, uncover some of the hidden dangers in your home and how to shore them up.


Pet Poison Hotlines
Please put the phone number for your country into your phone’s contacts list. Note that you may be charged for these calls.

  • United States – ASPCA Animal Poison Control – 888-426-4335
  • Canada and the United Sates – Pet Poison Hotline – 855-764-7661
  • United Kingdom – Animal PoisonLine – 01202 509000
  • Other Countries – Contact your veterinarian.


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Note: Jacqueline Howard and Albert Cavallo are not medical professionals and provide the content of this episode for informational purposes only. Jacqueline, Al, and the About Greyhounds podcast do not and will not provide medical advice, including for a specific dog. Seek the guidance of your veterinarian with any medical questions or concerns you may have about your greyhound or other dog.