Episode 29: 9 Ways to Avoid Greyhound Halloween Boobytraps

Tips to keep your greyhound safe from ghosts and goblins.

Halloween can be a fun holiday to celebrate. It’s also riddled with unsafe boobytraps for your greyhound. In this episode, discover what nine of those boobytraps are and how you can help to keep your greyhound safe on All Hallow’s’ Eve.



  • Poison Help/Hot Lines for Animals
    Please put the phone number(s) for your country in your mobile phone’s contact list or write the number down and keep it in your wallet.

    • United States, ASPCA Poison Control Hotline – 888-426-4335
    • Canada and the United States, Pet Poison Hotline – 855-764-7661
    • United Kingdom, AnimalPoison Line– 01202 509000
    • Other countries – Please call your your veterinarian to find out if your country has such a service and, if so, what the number is.
  • Watch the quick  Linda Lyman Loop (slip knot) video.
  • Donate to Greyhound Friends of New Jersey to help more greyhounds find their ways to loving homes.

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