Episode 58: Eww! Why Do Some Greyhounds Eat Poop?

Gross, but important to know.

It’s true … some greyhounds and other dogs eat not only other dogs’ (or other animals’) poop, but some eat their own poop, too. Catch this episode to discover why a greyhound may be exhibiting this behavior, what poop eating may be telling you about your greyhound’s health, and potential dangers that may lurk in the turds your greyhound ingests.



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Note: Jacqueline Howard and Albert Cavallo are not medical professionals and provide the content of this episode for informational purposes only. Jacqueline, Al, and the About Greyhounds podcast do not and will not provide medical advice, including for a specific dog. Seek the guidance of your veterinarian with any medical questions or concerns you may have about your greyhound or other dog.