Episode 65: Greyhound Proofing Your Home

Safety measures to take in your home.

Just like human babies who suddenly become mobile, protecting greyhounds from themselves in the home is important for your dog’s health and safety. In this episode, uncover some of the hidden dangers in your home and how to shore them up.


Pet Poison Hotlines
Please put the phone number for your country into your phone’s contacts list. Note that you may be charged for these calls.

  • United States – ASPCA Animal Poison Control – 888-426-4335
  • Canada and the United Sates – Pet Poison Hotline – 855-764-7661
  • United Kingdom – Animal PoisonLine – 01202 509000
  • Other Countries – Contact your veterinarian.


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Note: Jacqueline Howard and Albert Cavallo are not medical professionals and provide the content of this episode for informational purposes only. Jacqueline, Al, and the About Greyhounds podcast do not and will not provide medical advice, including for a specific dog. Seek the guidance of your veterinarian with any medical questions or concerns you may have about your greyhound or other dog.

Episode 11: Toxins and Injuries and Dangers, Oh My! First Aid for Your Greyhound

Discover the first aid tips that may serve as your greyhound’s first defense when injury or illness strike.

In the first few minutes of this episode, your host shares a story about how a $600 emergency vet bill could have been avoided with a $3 bottle of a common remedy most people have in their homes.

There are toxins outside, as well as inside, your home that can cause illness or worse for your greyhound. Things you may not even think about. And, like any living creature, they can be injured or face potential health conditions and dangers.

In this episode, recorded in our guest, Patty Comerford’s, scenic backyard (you’ll hear hounds, birds, planes, wind chimes, and more), we explore how to help prevent accidental poisoning, injuries, and more. Throughout the conversation, you’ll get useful tips on treating many of these if and when they do happen as a stop-gap measure until you can get to your dog’s doctor. In addition, you’ll hear about identifying certain conditions, like seizures, that need your veterinarian’s immediate attention.




  • ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center phone number: 888-426-4435 (a fee may apply). Add this number to your phone’s contacts.
  • Household Hazards, an informative pamphlet from the American Veterinary Medical Association. Keep this handy for a listing of foods, cleaners, and more that may be in your home or yard that can be toxic to your dog.
    AVMA HouseholdHazards 8pg_010816
  • Pet First Aid, a resource from the American Veterinary Medical Association for helping your dog if he or she is injured, poisoned, and more.
    AVMA FirstAid_010816-1
  • Greyhound lab results: important information to show to your veterinarian and emergency veterinarian. This card is also available on Greyhound Friends of New Jersey’s app.
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An important note: Jacqueline Howard and Patty Comerford are not medical professionals and have not and are not providing medical advice specific to your dog. The content provided in this episode of About Greyhounds is intended as informational only. Seek the guidance of a trained and experienced veterinarian if your dog becomes ill or injured and before administering any drugs/medications, including over the counter drugs/medications.