Episode 75: A Conversation with Rich Skipworth

Grab a seat at the table for a convo with Rich Skipworth.

If you’re like most greyhound folks, you’re a big fan of this episode’s guest, renowned cartoonist and humorist, Rich Skipworth. His recently published, first book, “Rich Skipworth’s Greyhound Glossary,” is now available, packaging hilarious cartoons paired with clever, and often newly coined, words that only greyhound enthusiasts immediately understand. Rich is also a generous supporter of, and advocate for, the adoption of former racing greyhounds.



  • If your shipping address is in the USA, get your copy of Rich Skipworth’s Greyhound Glossary at significant savings off shipping––but you need to order your book by January 13, 2019 to get those savings. A portion of you purchase price will go to help Greyhound Friends of New Jersey (GFNJ) get more greyhound to where they need to be next: homes of their own:
    • $24.99 each, which includes $5 S&H to USA shipping addresses.
    • $19.99 each, if you plan on picking up your book at a predetermined GFNJ event in New Jersey, USA.
  • For USA shipping addresses AFTER January 13, 2019
  • Enter GFNJ’s wine label greyhound photo contest!  Winner gets to his his/her photo on GFNJ’s 2019 wine label and other merchandise! Enter by January 12, 2019––open to residents of all countries. Our esteemed judge is Rich Skipworth.
  • Get your Rich Skipworth merchandise, from Ts to bags and more!
  • Follow Rich Skipworth on Facebook and Twitter.

Attention, charitable greyhound adoption organizations:
If you’d like to order bulk copies of “Rich Skipworth’s Greyhound Glossary” to use in your fundraising efforts, please contact Mike Carter. For jpgs and animated gifs to use in promoting book sales from your charity, please contact Rich Skipworth for the dropbox folder.

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Episode 65: Greyhound Proofing Your Home

Safety measures to take in your home.

Just like human babies who suddenly become mobile, protecting greyhounds from themselves in the home is important for your dog’s health and safety. In this episode, uncover some of the hidden dangers in your home and how to shore them up.


Pet Poison Hotlines
Please put the phone number for your country into your phone’s contacts list. Note that you may be charged for these calls.

  • United States – ASPCA Animal Poison Control – 888-426-4335
  • Canada and the United Sates – Pet Poison Hotline – 855-764-7661
  • United Kingdom – Animal PoisonLine – 01202 509000
  • Other Countries – Contact your veterinarian.


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