Episode 75: A Conversation with Rich Skipworth

Grab a seat at the table for a convo with Rich Skipworth.

If you’re like most greyhound folks, you’re a big fan of this episode’s guest, renowned cartoonist and humorist, Rich Skipworth. His recently published, first book, “Rich Skipworth’s Greyhound Glossary,” is now available, packaging hilarious cartoons paired with clever, and often newly coined, words that only greyhound enthusiasts immediately understand. Rich is also a generous supporter of, and advocate for, the adoption of former racing greyhounds.



Note: Since first dropping this episode, the sale of Rich Skipworth’s books through GFNJ to residents of the USA has ended, as has the wine label photo contest. 

Attention, charitable greyhound adoption organizations:
If you’d like to order bulk copies of “Rich Skipworth’s Greyhound Glossary” to use in your fundraising efforts, please contact Mike Carter. For jpgs and animated gifs to use in promoting book sales from your charity, please contact Rich Skipworth for the dropbox folder.

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