Episode 62: Ahoy There, Greyhound! Water & Boat Safety

Keeping your greyhound safe in the water.

With only 4% body fat, greyhounds aren’t very buoyant, so special care needs to be given to their safety when around water, either pools, natural bodies, and, of course, when boating. In this episode, discover what you need to know about keeping your greyhound safe while you enjoy the water together.



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Episode 12: When You Can’t Take the Heat (And Greyhounds Can’t): Summer Safety

With barely any fat and no under coat, the dangers of summer time heat and humidity are amplified for greyhounds.

Greyhounds really can’t take the heat and humidity.  The rule of thumb: if the temperature outside is over 80°F/27°C, it’s a bit too warm for greyhounds.  Sure, many of our retired racing greyhounds come from Florida, one of the hottest and most humid states in the USA. However, they’re outside for very short periods of time, either to run a race or for turn outs (“potty breaks”).  Most of the time, they’re in air conditioned kennels.

In this episode, you’ll discover actions you can take to help  keep your greyhound safe during the sweltering summer months (and the sweltering months of Spring and Fall, depending where you live, too).



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