Episode 72: Peritas the Greyt

A royal greyhound and heroine.

Join us as we travel back in time to meet King Alexander’s greyhound, Peritas. She earned her place in history when she saved the life of the King, also known as Alexander the Great.

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Episode 14: All the Presidents’ Greyhounds

Celebrate the USA’s Independence Day with two past presidents and their greyhounds.

Many United States presidents had dogs, both before, during, and after their tenures as Presidents of the United States (POTUS). Two of them had greyhounds, including the very first POTUS. In this episode, hear about these two presidents and the dogs they so loved.

In the spirit of the 241st birthday of the United States, enjoy your Independence Day––the 4th of July––discovering the love one of our most revered founding fathers had for dogs. Especially two greyhounds, in particular.

Nearly 100 years later, hear about the 19th Potus and a special greyhound named Grim.



  • Check out the “ghost” of Grim photo.
  • Draft of the note Alexander Hamilton penned for George Washington when he returned a dog to his war-time nemesis, British General Howe.
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Episode 9: A Goddess, A Royal Greyhound, and Immortality

Goddesses are born with immortality, while some greyhounds have been immortalized by the people who loved them.

Two stories about immortality … one tale set 3,000 years ago, the other nearly 200. They may seem unrelated, until the connection is made between how an immortal goddess named Eos and a young boy’s greyhound, named for the goddess, will live on for the ages. The boy saw to that.



Episode 5: Martis Jerk & Lady Greyhound

Discover what a man born in Sweden in 1887 and a greyhound born in Kansas in 1957 have in common.

What do a man born in Sweden in 1887 and a greyhound puppy born in Kansas in 1957 to two NGA (racing) greyhounds have to do with each other? Plenty! Discover an American-made immigrant success story and Lady Greyhound, who found herself loved and adored by millions of fans––without ever having once stepped her paws on a racetrack.



  • Photos of Lady Greyhound, Martis Jerk (Carl Wickman), Jack Benny, and Lady Greyhound’s Puppies.


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Episode 3: An Officer and His Greyhounds: George Armstrong Custer

Go back in time to discover the surprising love and relationships Custer had with his greyhounds.

A controversial figure in American history, George Armstrong Custer was noted for his extraordinary bravery in battle when serving as a Major General for the Union during the Civil War, and later as a Lt. Colonel for the U.S. Army during the American-Indian Wars. He was also a lover of greyhounds.

In this episode, discover a brief history of Custer and the dogs he adored and loved.

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