Episode 37: 10 Winter Safety Tips for Your Greyhound

Keeping your greyhound safe from wintertime pitfalls.

Greyhounds aren’t made to bear cold climates. Cold means anything below 40° F or 4° C. Consider their lack of much fat, their thin skin, and single coat of fur. Aside from the cold, other dangers lurk in wintery weather. Listen to this episode for ten ways you can keep your greyhound safe and cozy.



  • Donate to help more former racing greyhounds get to where they need to be.
  • K9 Apparel’s Voyager winter coat, with attached snood, specifically made for greyhounds
  • Buy Bag Balm (paw balm) to protect your greyhound’s feet from ice, snow, and dangerous deicers––or make homemade paw balm yourself.
  • Buy protective winter boots made for dogs.
  • If you suspect your dog has invested poison, contact your veterinarian immediately. If he or she is not available, call a pet poison help/hot line, then get your greyhound to an emergency animal hospital. Put the phone number that applies to where you live in your phone’s contact list:
    • In the United States, call 888-426-4335. There may be a charge for the assistance they offer, but it is well worth it when it comes to your greyhound’s health
    • In Canada, and also the US, the Pet Poison Hotline is 855-764-7661. There may be a fee for this call.
    • In the UK, call the Animal PoisonLine [ONE WORD] at 01202 509000. There may be a fee for this call.
    • In all other countries, ask your veterinarian if there is a similar line available to you.
  • Listen to Episode 23 of this podcast series, It’s a Disaster! Protecting Your Greyhound Before, During, and After an Emergency.

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Al Cavallo and Jacqueline Howard, are not medical professionals. The information  provided in this podcast episode is strictly for informational purposes only. Always discuss any treatment or medications for your greyhound, be it prescription or over the counter, with a licensed veterinarian before taking action.

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