Episode 42: Kids & Greyhounds––Training Both to Live Together (Part 1, 12 Don’ts)

“Kid friendly dogs” live best with “dog friendly kids.”

You often hear some dogs described as being “good with kids” or “kid friendly.” But there’s a flip side to this coin: any child living with or visiting a dog, including a greyhound, needs to be “good with dogs” or “dog friendly.”

We’ve divided this episode into two parts. In Part 1, which is this episode, you’ll hear the 12 “Don’ts” of kids and greyhounds. In Part 2, dropping next week, you’ll hear the “Dos.”

Greyhounds and kids do mix quite well. In this and the next episode, discover how to help keep both the kids that live with you and/or visit your home, AND your greyhound, safe.


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