Episode 39: Art, Courtesy of Your Greyhound–A Conversation with Artist Nicole Peters

Delight in this unique art created by your greyhound.

We all do it. That is, cleaning our dogs’ nose prints and smudges from our windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. Many people refer to this as their dogs’ “nose art.” In this episode, we speak with Missouri artist Nicole Peters. She created a unique way to capture this nose art that is not only stunning, but also a way to keep your greyhound’s art with you forever––even after you’ve taken out the glass cleaner.

Commissioning Nicole’s “Dog Knose Art” is surprisingly affordable. In this episode, we have a conversation with her about her technique and the greyhounds she fosters for Greyhound Pet Adoption in Springfield, Missouri.



  • Discover and order your very own piece of “Dog Knose Art.” Use code GFNJ25 at checkout and Nicole will donate 25% of your purchase price to help Greyhound Friends of New Jersey get more greyhounds to loving homes.
  • Be amazed when you view Nicole’s “Dog Knose Art” on her Facebook and Instagram  feeds.
  • Learn more about Greyhound Pet Adoption in Springfield Missouri.
  • Help Greyhound Friends of New Jersey with your donation to help get more greyhounds where they need to be: Home.

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