Episode 36: The Potty Episode––House Training Your Greyhound

Get the steps you can take to house train your greyhound.

Your new greyhound may not understand that peeing and pooping is to be done outside, and not indoors. Or maybe your greyhound may need you to hit the “reset” button after having been in your home for a period of time. In this episode, we’ll take you through some proven training techniques designed to help you help your greyhound to learn what’s acceptable.



Before attempting to train your greyhound to potty only outside, take your dog to the veterinarian. He or she may have a medical condition or it may be a sign of getting older. Once an underlying medical condition is ruled out, start the training regimen.

  • Your greyhound’s inappropriate pottying may be due to separation anxiety. Listen to this About Greyhounds episode to help your dog overcome separation anxiety.
  • Your greyhound’s crate should measure about About 36” high and 42” long, which is about 91 cm high and 107cm long.
  • Watch the Power Walk video, starring our own Al Cavallo and greyhound visitor, Oreon!
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Episode 8: Unexpected Approaches to “Curing” Separation Anxiety within Days

A dog’s separation anxiety can be highly challenging to turn around. While these strategies may seem counter intuitive, they truly do work.

Until racing greyhounds retire, they’ve never been alone. Be it at the kennel where they’re born, where they trained, or where they were housed at the race track, there have always been other greyhounds, and lots of them, to keep them company. They’re also used to being with their trainers and other handlers.

When they retire and go to either foster or adoptive homes, it’s a whole new world. In general, greyhounds adapt to new surroundings and people almost seamlessly. A few have a difficult time adjusting to their new worlds. Some of those more so than others. When they find themselves alone––without people–– in their new homes, either with or without another dog, it can be frightening and stressful. They may constantly cry, bark, or could even become destructive.

In this episode, we share unexpected approaches to helping an anxious, separation anxiety-ridden greyhound become a calm and more confident one. And in just a matter of days.



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